atp diesel


ATP DIESEL replacement spare parts are produced in original parts quality. It is used safely instead of original parts.

Machining and sheet pressing are the basis of our production line. The input quality controls of the raw materials and parts manufacturing quality control system are supported by TUV AUSTURIA quality control and certification.

Our main productions;

Engine parts, Engine Water pumps and Oil pumps.
Fan Hubs and Tensıon rollers.
Fuel Overflow valves.
Clutch forks.
Gear Shift Levers.
Gearbox valves & Clutch servos.
Z-cam Brake parts, Brake caliper parts.
King pin kits, Steering Cylinders.
Bogie and Cabin Suspension parts.
Cabin tilt cylinders & pumps repair kits.
Repair kits, Air Compressor.

ATP DIESEL parts are produced in original quality and have been sold in the aftermarket under our brand in more than 50 countries since 1995.

By downloading our Production Catalog, you can check VOLVO, SCANIA, RENAULT parts and send your requests.


Our quality policy is to produce spare parts same like Original Quality, this is our target for all productions.

Therefore, during the manufacturing prosess we use the proper material and correct production methods. After completed the parts, first we check and test on the Trucks then we start to sell.All parts are under ATP-DIESEL company warranty, in case of any defected or wrong item replaced free of charge by ATP-DIESEL, warranty claim form must be filled and send to us. ATP-DIESEL has ISO 9001: 2001 Quality certificate and issued by TUV Austria.

ATP-DIESEL is a brand of quality truck replacement spare parts for European Trucks and Buses, company founded in 1995 in Izmir,Turkey. Most of the parts manufactured in its own premises, under strict quality assurance system.